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GreenHills Ventures invests across a wide range of companies with a keen interest in enterprise software, mobile applications, biometrics & security, healthcare IT, medical device companies, and cloud SaaS companies. As principal investors, we aim to invest in CEO's and their management team with a strong understanding and commitment to focus, overall vision, and financial performance to grow their company. By embracing our Earned Value Milestone Investment approach, companies are able to drive overall operational and financial performance, build discipline, and develop strong business fundamentals to quantify overall shareholder value. Our portfolio companies request strict confidentiality relating to our investments and related valuation as privately held companies.

(Note: General non-confidential information may be found in the public domain relating to our firm, our investment activities, institutional partners, portfolio companies, and selected testimonials from seasoned executives with a proven track record that support our milestones investment approach are available below.)


Interview with OnMedPlace, a healthcare marketplace discussing our portfolio companies: OneMed Radio Interview with Emanuel Martinez, General Managing Director GreenHills Ventures

Mr. Martinez is a members of BoardProspect, a peer-to-peer board member portal for board members, shareholders, and investors to share best practices with peers: Board Affiliations - BoardProspects

Greenhills Ventures - Advisory Investment Committee Spain - US Start-Ups Investments: Spain US Chamber of Commerce Advisory Investment Committee - Emanuel Martinez General Managing Director GreenHills Ventures

Greenhills Ventures - Testimonials (Public domain testimonials from seasoned executives with a proven track record who support our milestones investment approach: Public Testimonials - GreenHills Ventures and GreenHills Cap Partners

CEO Spotlight

Privately held companies represent Series A and Series B - $1.5 to $3.8 million investment rounds and follow on investments represent $10.0+ million rounds as lead or co-lead.

"I am not a fan of the traditional VC investment approach. I find that VC requirements create an environment of premature and unnecessary spending of capital, creating further dependency on subsequent VC funding, much of which is not necessarily in the best interest of the shareholders of the company. As a business strategy, the tranche approach from GreenHills provides a more intelligent and business-wise solution. First, it creates an appropriate built-in reward valuation for the company and Greenhills Ventures by providing a blended valuation at each tranche. Secondly, it does not force the company to take down additional funding when it does not need it, thereby eliminating the premature and unnecessary spending of capital, understanding that a minimum amount is justified to cover the costs associated with making an investment for growing the company."

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Healthcare Technology Company

"Our investment partnership with GreenHills Ventures is valuable because they truly understand the value our company brings to the market and the opportunity to change the way companies will be required to analyze data is critical to their competitive advantage and our technology will change the dynamics of business processes--in the Mobile, Cloud, Big Data space. GreenHills Ventures not only provided our company with the initial milestone investment needed but also introduced the company to their network of corporations in order to accelerate our product into the market. GreenHills Ventures 'Earned Value Milestone' investment approach is the right metrics for our long term company's growth."

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer
Enterprise Cloud SaaS Platform Company

"In addition to the investment received, GreenHills Ventures provides two most valuable assets as the team and the relevant experience. GreenHills provides us with a wealth of healthcare and medical device expertise, which is directly applicable to our company. Their investments and successful exists of Acta Vascular Systems and Nfocus Neuromedical was important to our company. GreenHills relevant experience has certainly been valuable to our management team. It has been a pleasure to work with GreenHills thus far. Our relationship with GreenHills as an investor is a true partnership."

Chief Executive Officer
Medical Device Company

"The GreenHills Ventures diligence team was very organized and effective. I was pleased with the objective nature and flow of the questions. The data room setup was very effective. I had a little difficulty with batch uploading, but eventually figured it out. Overall, a very smooth forum for posting and collecting documents. Our primary contact for due diligence, was very accessible and very prompt in responding to questions and issues. No problems whatsoever. Again, their due diligence point person was very helpful in providing quick feedback and guidance. For example, questions that we did not adequately respond to were highlighted very quickly, and therefore the process moved forward quickly with virtually no friction or misunderstanding as to what we needed to furnish. I like the milestone approach: it provides objective criteria for both sides of the transaction. It also balances the risks inherent in any investment with the capital provided. GreenHills Ventures is certainly a very high caliber firm with a distinguishing investment approach which has benefited our company greatly."

President and Chief Executive Officer
Medical Device Company

"GreenHills Ventures has been a value added partner from the start of their investment into the company and by bringing valuable partnerships and licensing opportunities to increase the value of our product offering and the company as a whole."

President and Chief Executive Officer
Facilities Management and Cloud Analytics Software Company

"From the start of our relationship everyone at GreenHills Ventures was very professional and the team always provided guidance during due diligence, negotiations, which continues post their investment. The company continues to have high level interactions with the GreenHills and enjoy collaborating with highly experienced and connected advisor on their advisory board. In addition, their due diligence process includes the sharing of the independent research which was generally accurate and excellent. During my career, I have interacted with numerous venture and investment funds. I sincerely found everyone at Greenhill Ventures to be professional, competent, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. GreenHills Ventures is definitely at the top of the funding pack!."

President and Chief Executive Officer
Digital Media Company

"We were all very impressed with the structure, focus, and success of Greenhills as well as the other portfolio companies you have invested in, especially those in the medical device and over-the-counter markets. With the background of the firm, the portfolio companies, strategic relationships, and access to debt financing, we have benefited with the very attractive value-added investment partnership in having Greenhills as a key strategic investor in our company."

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Healthcare and Wellness Company

"The company is very much milestone and goal focused company ourselves, and that aligns well with the GreenHills investment growth philosophy. Also, we were excited to learn about other investment made in an internet start-up and other contacts in the digital media / social media space. We are happy with the strategic investment and a value added investment partnership with GreenHills Ventures."

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Software Technology Company

"Our innovative technology solution is designed to increase revenues, decrease expenses and enhance the customer event experience. The investment made into the company has been from founders and insiders which allowed the company to develop the scalable solution needed to expand rapidly to larger accounts across several underserved markets which we expect to aggressively acquire with the help of Greenhills Ventures investment and corporate strategic relationships."

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Enterprise Software Company

"Greenhills idea of a strategic partnership and introduction to the Chief Executive Officer of a major Fortune 1000 public company went brilliantly well and could truly be highly beneficial for us on many levels. This is truly a win-win for us and our shareholders."

Chairman and President
Healthcare Information Technology Company

"The company was talking to other interested investors, but after understanding better the GreenHills investment mandate the management and board has decided it is in our best interest to partner with Greenhills and to take their investment."

Chief Executive Officer and President
Cloud Software and Data Aggregation Company

"Greenhills was great form the start of our relationship by introducing us to the folks at NV Funds in order to get validation of our technology. The Chief Scientific Officer certainly understands our technology and importance of our patents. With Greenhills Ventures as our lead investor and the strategic partnership with NV Funds for a co-investment to support the pilot studies for our lead product and then preliminary testing in animals is a true value. This is what makes Greenhills Ventures smart capital."

Founder Member and Chief Executive Officer
Pharmaceutical and Device Company